"Sergio Bernal is the dancer of his generation." (Ricardo Cue).

With Sergio the Spanish dance and the flamenco acquire a universal value, a unique brightness. It represents a Spanish youth with great personality and attractiveness.

His image on stage projects a light of his own that enhances his presence.

The Positano Award "Leonide Massine to the best young dancer of the international scene, is considered one of the most important dance awards in the world.

He has an internationally recognized career in the most important stages of the world together with the stars of the dance. He has performed in the most important venues in the world such as the Acropolis in Athens, Krelim in Moscow, Coliseum in London, the Semperoper in Dresden, the Berlin Opera, Bunkamuera in Tokyo, Gran Teatro de la Habana, Teatro Real and La Zarzuela in Madrid, Liceo in Barcelona, Adrienne Arsht Center and Jackie Gleason of Miami, National Theater of China in Beijing, and next to the great stars of the world such as Tamara Rojo, Marianela Núñez, Joaquín de Luz, Sergei Polunin or the great Maya Plisetskaya.

He represents the image of the Marca España as Nadal and Gasol in sport and other great Spanish figures in opera, pop song and fashion.

Sergio is the representation of art. Purely Spanish art.

¨His presence in the room made everyone turn their heads, although he pretends to go unnoticed. It happened to him as he entered the darkness of the studio where the three-dimensional session was being prepared. All eyes followed the musicality of his body, and they seemed to wonder who was that young guy, with light brown hair and light eyes, with an intriguing scar on his cheek¨. EL PAIS.


The company Sergio Bernal in the hands of its artistic director Ricardo Cue conceives the ballet from a premise that comes to satisfy a public that demands emotions. Creating a show with the purpose of reaching international dimensions in Spanish dance and flamenco, through the neoclassical style, placing it at the height of the best representations of classical dance works is the aim of the company.

The co-director of the company Sergio Bernal, a first dancer with the National Ballet of Spain, is the only dancer who, even coming from a Spanish dance and flamenco dance training, has represented classic pieces such as "El Cisne" with magnificent acceptance from critics and audiences. In his figure materializes the reason of this company.

Combining the strengths, knowledge and experiences of each of the team members favors compliance with this premise. The aim is to enhance the Spanish Dance based on the virtuosity, versatility and variety of the different styles of Spanish dance and music, ranging from the escuela bolera, the Spanish classic dance and flamenco.

The international presence of Spain covers many areas, like science, art, sports, opera, classical dance, and other cultural fields. There is only one field in which our country has no rival: Spanish dance and flamenco. And it is in this concept that the company finds another of its artistic ends.

The experience of Sergio Bernal in his career, lead him to consider new challenges. He feels pushed to deliver everything he has learned to a real audience that fills theaters in the world. That is why the company is currently working on a project that gives life to one of the most recognized fashion designers in the history of fashion. A creator who fell in love with dance and music, he has dressed the choreographies of Roland Petit for the Paris Opera and made a "Russian collection" inspired by the Ballets Russes. Maya Plisetskaya was one of his muses. "La Rose Malade" choreographed by Roland Petit was dressed by this designer.


Dance director, choreographer, coach of dancers and entrepreneur. He studied, in the "New York University", dance and dance history. There, he worked with Balanchine, Tudor, Graham and Ailey. Once in Madrid, he joined the direction of the Ballets Nacionales de España, Clásico y Español. In 1986 he was appointed advisor to the Ministry of Culture.

If Ricardo Cue represents a milestone for the world of ballet it is because he has been for a long time linked to the most international elite and also he has a prodigious intuition that has given him sensational achievements, such as:

Presenting at the Metropolitan of New York the Medea of the National Ballet of Spain; working for years with Maya Plisetskaya, Sylvie Guillem and great ballet stars; premiering his own company at the Paris, Champs Elysées Theater; getting the Prince of Asturias Award for Plisetskaya and Tamara Rojo; choreographing for important dance artists such as Lola Greco, Tamara Rojo, Sergio Bernal and others.

"Therefore, Ricardo is a milestone that should not be dispensed with anything that had a relationship with dance" (Mercedes Albi 12/14/2015)


She has dedicated most of her career to collaborations in Industrial and Intellectual Property offices, specializing in the viability of brands and their subsequent implementation in the national and international markets. Subsequently she entered in the field of advertising production and events preparation for clients such as Movistar, S.A., Vodafone Spain, S.A., among others. Her skills include the coordination of work teams and the implementation of platforms that will boost the logistics and implementation of these campaigns nationwide. Acting as the only channel of communication and reaching the objectives in a timely manner and adjusting to the client's "briefing" is another of her values.

Studious and in love with dance, she currently collaborates in the development of documentation articles, news and chronicles of representations in this artistic field. In all her writings you can discover sensitivity and care for emotions, a profile that qualifies her as "the writer of emotions". Abundant in this aspect she has made several dossiers (press, sponsorship, etc.) among which are the pillar of the future project of this company.

She combines this last activity with the role of assistant to the directors of the company assuming responsibilities and exercising frequently the capacity of decision. All this in order that the rest of its members can develop in the best possible way the activities that belong to them. She puts special care in that the communication channels are fluid, positive and above all resolutive.